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How to cook the Sorenchester way with Mrs Goodfellow’s very best everyday recipes.

About A. C. Caplet

Andy Caplet was born in a maternity hospital and now lives in the Cotswold town of Sorenchester with his lovely wife, Daphne. As a child Andy discovered a deep loathing for dentistry and refused to follow his father into that noble profession. Instead, he mucked about until a chance meeting with media tycoon, Rex Witcherley, saw him become a cub-reporter at The Sorenchester and District Bugle—he still holds that esteemed newspaper’s record for longest tenure of that lowly position.

He freely admits to being well down the road towards becoming a drunken failure when he encountered Inspector Hobbes who turned him around and sent him along a better route. Meeting Hobbes’s eccentric housekeeper, Mrs Goodfellow, gave Andy an interest in great food and cooking—he is now The Bugle’s food critic and also features in Sorenchester Life where his witty restaurant reviews are highly regarded by him.

As his knowledge of good food increased, Andy compiled some of Mrs Goodfellow’s finest recipes into his first cookery book, Hobbes’s Choice. He freely admits, however, that he is no great shakes as a cook and blames those following the recipes for any disasters that may result.

Discover Andy’s Books

How to cook the Sorenchester way with
Mrs Goodfellow’s very best everyday recipes.


An authentic collection of over 100 everyday recipes

that are considered to be ‘good enough for Mrs G’.

Mrs G (Mrs Goodfellow) is Hobbes’s ancient housekeeper, while he is a police inspector in the unhuman series of cosy mystery fantasies by Wilkie Martin.

A.C. Caplet is a frequent guest in their fictional household in Sorenchester, in the English Cotswolds.

If you like basic cooking, you’ll love Hobbes’s Choice Recipes by A.C. Caplet.

Available in paperback and hardback.


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A. C. Caplet

A. C. Caplet is a character in the novels of Wilkie Martin. He is a ficitonal food critic who has produced a cook book. This website has been built for a demonstration exercise building a free website for an author.

A. C. Caplet isn’t real, however, the book is.


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